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ValTech is based on the control valve maintenance and development experiences accumulated in 15 years of industry thermal &nuclear power plants

The world's leading ultra high differential pressure regulator-Pilot-ZetTrim has developed a control valve

The core technology, That it can perform the two valves in one valve.

The first technique is ZetTrim regulator, a first pressure reducing (adjustment).

The second technique is to control the second flow rate by the motor control signal.

- ValTech control valve core technology ①Regulator-ZetTrim velocity reduction

②Orifice reduced

- Main product ①Steam control valves for Power Plant

②High-pressure gas control valve

- ValTech Certification

ValTech Certification
① CE-PED Certificate of Compliance ECM Mark
No. 1S151022.VTTO80 / No. 1S151022.VTTO81
Product ZetTrim Control Valve
X(DN Size)=50, 80, 100, 150, 200
Y(ANSI Class)=1500, 2500
Module EC Type Examination - B Bodule
Product Quality Assurance - D Module
Verification to Standard: EN 1349
related to CE Directive(s):
97/23/EC (Pressure Equipment)
ValTech Certification
② CE-MD Certificate of Compliance ECM Mark - No. 1S150916.VTQ81
Declaration of Conformity (9/3/2015)
Product Electric High Pressure & Flow (ZetTrim) Control Valve
Model(s) VT08-6RPC17ZT, VT08-6RPC30ZT,
VT50-48453ZT, VT50-32302ZT
Verification to Standard:EN ISO 12100:2010,EN60204-2006+A1:2009+AC:2010
related to CE Directive(s):2006/42/EC (Machinery valves)
ValTech Certification
③ RINA Workshop Approval Statement - No. REC215615PU (9/10/2015)
Type ZetTrim Control Valves
Model Nos. VT08-6RPC17ZT, VT08-6RPC30ZT,
Tests for pressure and flow rate:have been conducted by KTC (Korea Testing Certification)

Gas pressure control valves - 100% Accuracy

West Japan General Exhibition Center - ValTech

The Republic of Korea control valve industry, ValTech the leading

ValTech Valve Maintenance & Development is based on 12 years of experience gained
in the field of industry, aimed at the world market,
Ultra high Pressure Regulator-Pilot-ZetTrim- announced the control valve.

  • CE
  • CE-PED (97/23/EC Category Ⅳ, H Moudule)
    CE-MD (2006/42/EC), ISO 12100 EN 60204-1, EN4414
    RINA (Rrsistro Italiano Navale)
    ISO 9001
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    TEL +82-42-933-7060, FAX +82-42-933-7065
    HP +82-10-3406-0166
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Ultra High Pressure Regulator-Pilot-ZetTrim Control Valve - 8mm

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